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Perfume Machine

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  • USD 1~100000 / Unit
  • 1 Units
  • 10 Units per Month
  • L/C, T/T
  • China
  • Shanghai
  • Biaoxin
  • BXP
  • 50 days
  • Wooden Box
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  • Mixer Type:Agitator
  • Application:Liquid
  • Additional Capabilities:


  • Perfume machine
    Capacity up to 1000L
    Integrated chiller
    Cooling coil inside
    Single jacketed with insulation


What is perfume machine?

BXP perfume machine is a mixing, freezing and filtration system for the manufacture of perfume, cologne, deodorant and toilet water in cosmetics industry.

What is perfume machine made of?

BXP perfume mixer is usually made of perfume mixing tank, chilling system, filtration system, diaphragm pump and electrical control panel etc.

The perfume mixing tank is a single-jacketed tank with insulation. There`s a spiral evaporating coil inside the tank. The evaporating coil is connected to the chiller.

The chiller takes French technology and the minimum chilling temperature can amount to -15 degree Celsius.

The filtration system includes two pieces of polypropylene microporous membrane filters. The filtration capacity is 0.2~1 micrometers.

How does perfume machine work?

In our standard perfume mixer, there`re actually no mechanical and magnetic agitators mounted to the mixer. It`s kind of a static mixing by circulation.

During the mixing operation, the ingredients (mainly alcohol) are pumped out from the bottom valve by diaphragm pump. The perfume passes the first and second filters to get it clarified. Then the perfume goes back to the mixing tank waiting for another filtration.

At the same time, the chiller works producing very cold temperature. The evaporating coil inside the perfume tank transfers the chill to the perfume around it. The impurity will be resolved from the perfume and filtered during the circulation.

Typical applications of perfume machine

Cosmetics & Toiletries: perfume, cologne, deodorant, toilet water

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